About Us

Green Cow Organics was established by two highly experienced butchers – Matthew Briggs and Allan Dwyer. From the school yard straight into the cool room, Matthew was quick to get started on his career in butchering. He spent twenty years learning about the industry, as well as refining his butchering skills and building a network of highly professional, like-minded butchers.

By chance, Matthew and Allan were colleagues, and, as butchers do, got to talking about their hopes, dreams and aspirations. Allan, a fourth generation butcher, had plenty of knowledge, experience and history under his belt. The pair soon decided to open a business that provided its clientele with a range of organic products – fit for any dinner table!

Why Organic?

 organic-icon Avoid chemicals


Enjoy better taste


Preserve our ecosystems


Support local farming



For more information on why going Organic is beneficial for you, your family, and the broader community, please visit The Australian Organic Food Directory here.